Joe Dahleen

EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, MortgageHippo
Mortgage Hipplo_ Joe Dahleen.jpg
Joe is a 23-year veteran of the mortgage industry who specializes in executive management and strategic marketing. He is known for being a strong advocate of technology and an expert in leveraging the latest communication methods to ensure the success of his endeavors.

Mr. Dahleen has developed his skills in every aspect of modern strategic business management, including sales, software and project management, business process analysis, system design and system implementation. In regard to the mortgage lending space, he has strong in-depth knowledge of secondary marketing, loan production, and quality control procedures, including automated origination and compliance, e-signatures and e-vendor management, pre-emptive quality control and post-closing management. He also has experience in appraisal management portals, digital vaulting and private label, cloud-based business models. He is uniquely qualified to lead financial services companies in efforts to radically revamp their business strategies.

Current & Pass Advisory Boards:
-Progress in Lending, a leading mortgage technology publication for the industry.

-FormFree Holdings, Award Winning Automated Asset Verification Service

-Easy Mortgage Apps, A Financial Services mobile app specifically engineered for the mortgage industry.

-Zillow Advisory Board - Zillow Mortgage Marketplace - Digital Identity for Businesses, Communities and Individuals.