Steve Polston

Founder, CEO, NexGen HBM
Nexgen_Steve Polston.jpg
Steve Polston is founder and chief executive officer of Nexgen HBM, a full-service technology and business development company on a mission to help lenders create business at the intersection of real estate, lending, technology and people. A master entrepreneur and innovator with over 20 years of experience, Steve is a hands-on executive that leads overall operations and business strategy as well as national business development initiatives with the nation’s leading mortgage banking and lending institutions.

A true visionary and thought leader in the lending and real estate industries, Steve played a key role in the development of the Home Scouting® real estate and lending platform, a trend in technology that has disrupted the traditional realtor to consumer business model. His vision to introduce lenders to homebuyers in the early stages of the buying cycle has made an industry-changing impact on a loan officer’s ability to generate leads and increase conversion rates. The introduction of the latest enterprise level search platform, HomeScout®, builds on the legacy technology by providing consumers 100% MLS listings for over 700 markets nationwide, and continues to help redefine the role of loan officers in today’s dynamic real estate market.

Steve has made a lasting impression on the national real estate landscape as one of the founding Principals of ERA Real Estate via master franchises (now a Realogy company). He then went on to become founder and CEO of ERA Mortgage; a successful mortgage and finance company with origination centers throughout the US. Since then, Steve has committed his full-time efforts into building Nexgen HBM and positioning the company as a thought leader in the real estate search and lending sectors by leveraging technology to improve consumer experience while providing lenders with predictive analytics to elevate lead conversion rates and retain buyers for life.

When he’s not waiting to board his next flight or jumping into a strategy meeting, Steve treasures time with his family and spending as much time as he can with his granddaughters. He is also an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hunting and fishing as well as private aviation. In true appreciation of his life’s successes, Steve also believes in giving back, and serves as the Chairman for the family foundation that supports the needs of those less fortunate.

A favorite saying of Steve’s is, “When you’re in, you’re in!” and that could not be a more meaningful or accurate testament of his commitment to his company, his clients, his family and his community as a servant leader.