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OneSpan Demo (Digital Mortgage 2018)



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Questions for OneSpan

Product Name:

OneSpan Sign + OneSpan Vault + Blockchain

Describe your product:

OneSpan Sign and OneSpan Vault paired with blockchain help banks and lenders securely manage and protect mortgage notes as well as other mortgage closing documents throughout the lending process.

What does the product you are demoing do?

We will walk the audience through a fully digital closing process, showing how the borrower and the notary can electronically sign the mortgage note and security instrument. We will also demonstrate the transfer of mortgage documents to investors and the final custody and servicing of the loan.

What makes it stand out from all the rest?

The emergence of blockchain technology provides an innovative approach to the digital chain of custody to ensure the compliance, enforceability and value of the mortgage loan throughout its lifecycle. In our demonstration, we’ll highlight the advantages of using a hyperledger blockchain in a mortgage closing and vaulting process.

What area does your product have the most impact?

OneSpan Sign enables institutions to focus on their customers, instead of chasing after signatures and doing re-works.