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Product Name:

Connex Automated Valuation Model (AVM) / Connex Home Equity

Company Description:

Infutor is the expert in Consumer Identity Management. We are 100% focused on enabling brands to know everything about their consumers, to instantly make informed marketing and risk mitigation decisions. Infutor gives brands a secure, privacy compliant foundation to improve inbound engagements and outbound marketing reach, and to minimize risk.

What does your product solve?

Connex AVM and Connex Home Equity are predictive models that calculate current home value and home equity value respectively. These products help:

• Drive an accurate home list price
• Estimate homeowner net worth (wealth)
• Identify the best audience for product-specific marketing
• Secure monetary funds for large purchases, debt consolidation and more

Best success story:

Infutor is currently executing a program for a client who required AVM data to target high-end audience segments by using home value as their key wealth indicator. The client had been using an AVM solution from an alternate provider, but the provider's significant price point prompted them to investigate other options. After using Infutor's Connex AVM solution the client is realizing equally effective results, but at a much lower price point.