How will my sponsorship be transferred to the digital event?
Your sponsorship representative will be in touch to discuss the sponsorship options available to you within the digital event format. Please contact Jessica Andreozzi for immediate assistance.
Can I transfer my payment to a media package?
Yes, we offer a number of media packages which can successfully serve as an alternative to your sponsorship package. Contact Jessica Andreozzi to further discuss this information.
Will sponsors and exhibitors be reimbursed for third party arrangements?
No. As per our terms and conditions, Arizent does not assume responsibility for third party arrangements.
Will my registration transfer to the digital event?
Yes. As a registered attendee of Digital Mortgage, you have the option to transfer your current registration to the Digital Mortgage 2020 All Access Pass. To transfer your pass, contact Kimberly O’Carroll.
Will I be refunded for my registration?
Should you wish to be refunded, Aizent will honor the refund policy under the terms and conditions in which you registered.
Can I transfer my registration to a colleague?
Yes, please contact Kimberly O’Carroll to transfer your registration to a colleague.
How do I subscribe to National Mortgage News?
You may subscribe to National Mortgage News by selecting the All Access Member option at checkout. Please contact Kimberly O’Carroll if you would like to add a subscription to your current registration.
How do I activate my National Mortgage News account?
You will receive an email notification to set up your account. Please contact Kimberly O’Carroll for assistance.
Do I need to cancel my hotel reservation?
Your hotel reservation was automatically cancelled by the hotel on June 18, 2020. Please check your account for credit as it has been over 10 days since the refund has been processed and you should see the credit refunded.
What do I do about airline cancellations?
Please contact your airline directly for cancellation/refund information.
Will I be refunded for my out-of-pocket travel expenses?
Arizent is not responsible for costs related to event travel.