As basic as it sounds, simply letting people pay their mortgage using the method of their choice makes it more likely they will pay on time. This improves profits by, for example, cutting call center volume by up to 83%. Yet most mortgage servicers offer a limited selection of outdated payment options that end up increasing late payments by 76%.

In this webinar we’ll discuss what today’s borrowers expect in terms of payment options, and how adding these methods can improve your cost of payments and collections. We’ll also cover:

* How mortgage servicers are adding borrowers’ favorite ways to pay
* How borrowers rank different payment methods
* How these options improve satisfaction and raise profits

Key Speakers

Mike Sisk
(Moderator) Contributing Editor American Banker
Taylor Goldaper
Account Manager at Mastercard
Steve Kramer
Vice president, of product management, ACI Worldwide
Lucas Byers
Senior Vice President, Specialized Loan Servicing
Jeff Ward
VP, Core Servicing Solutions Management, Black Knight