James Dooley


American Mortgage Investment Partners

James Dooley is the President of American Mortgage Investment Partners (AMIP). AMIP manages two funds which are both focused on the acquisition and resolution of distressed residential mortgage loans. One of the investors and partners in AMIP is American Home 4 Rent, one of the largest REO-to-Rental investors in the country.

Mr. Dooley has over eighteen years of experience specifically trading and managing distressed residential mortgage loans, REO and other distressed consumer assets. He has extensive experience managing special servicers and has implemented at multiple servicers loan default policies and procedures, NPV-based decision models, and oversight protocols designed to identify systemic and non-systemic risk issues with the goal of reducing costs, such as forceplaced insurance, and streamlining timeframes for resolving borrower delinquencies.

James Dooley manages the Loan Servicing Solutions practice for NewOak Solutions LLC. The practice provides best in class asset management solutions for investors and owners of distressed residential loan portfolios. A primary focus of the practice is to provide clients with a consistent and defendable set of loss mitigation policies and procedures that loan servicers to maximize returns while remaining in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Prior to joining AMIP, Mr. Dooley managed the Loan Servicing Solutions practice for NewOak Solutions LLC which was focused on best in class asset management solutions for investors and owners of distressed residential loan portfolios. Mr. Dooley had previously managed a $4.2B distressed loan portfolio, one of the largest distressed legacy loan portfolios emanating from the recent financial crisis, for Barclays Capital and a spin-off fund, C12 Capital Management. He directed the due diligence review of multiple special servicers, managed servicing transfers, created an oversight structure with an internal ranking system for assessing servicer quality and risk exposure, and implemented protocols and tactical programs for ‘best in class’ loss mitigation and default management. He also built out a consumer direct loss mitigation servicing group. Over an 18 month period Mr. Dooley’s team increased short sales and DIL resolutions from 20.9% to 60% of all loss resolutions (where the benchmark ABX 2007 industry average was 33.9%). Recoveries were 52% higher than the benchmark ABX.

Mr. Dooley previously established distressed loan trading desks at WaMu Capital, The Winter Group and Countrywide Securities. At each of these firms he purchased and sold multiple distressed loan pools and played a key role in deal marketing, bid and contract negotiations, diligence review and closing, and pricing. He monitored various servicers, established protocols for loss mitigation, and managed efforts to enhance investor default reporting. Lastly, he played a key role in developing pricing models. At WaMu Capital his pricing model was used to value all unsold assets transferred into the Held-For-Investment portfolio, and his white paper on pricing methodology was used to justify pricing with regulators and auditors. 

He holds a B.A. from Trinity College (Hartford, CT) and an M.B.A. from The Kennan Flagler School of Business at the University of North Carolina.