Advances in Tech
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Advances in Tech brings together this year's latest technology innovations that are leading the mortgage industry forward. Explore these short demos to see what new capabilities are available and understand how your own tech stack measures up to evolving industry standards. Our complete list will help you plan your tech strategy on the path to delivering digital mortgages.

NEW Technology Innovations from Digital Mortgage 2020
Created with users in mind, Black Knight's technology and analytics enable more seamless interaction between the loan officer and consumer, increasing efficiency and improving client retention and growth.
Discover a single integrated closing experience with support for all closing types
Discover a full digital lending platform that reduces your technology footprint while providing a flexible open architecture
A no-cost, nationwide solution to maintain proper social distancing while giving lenders, appraisers, and AMCs timely information from inside homes they are unable to physically enter because of COVID-19.
It’s never been more important to streamline your operations and offer customers the convenience of being able to review, sign, notarize, and close on their loan all from the comfort of their home.
Protecting their mortgage is the #2 reason homeowners buy life insurance.
More New Technology Innovations from Digital Mortgage 2020
Finicity gives you smarter financial decisions through secure access to fast, high-quality bank-validated data.
Engage consumers with next-gen home search tools that integrate with your loan products
Origence's proven end-to-end lending solutions deliver innovation, efficiency, and better customer experiences
Get an edge in market intelligence through customized housing and real estate insights that are accessible on-demand.
Learn about a proven all-in-one appraisal software for mortgage lenders and real estate appraisers that will help streamline the process, reduce costs and improve borrower experience
More NEW Technology Innovations from Digital Mortgage 2020
Make it easier than ever to build relationships and close loans.
Maximize efficiency and delight borrowers with a single, scalable process for every closing, whether wet, hybrid, or fully eClose.
Reimagine customer experiences, drive operational efficiencies, and improve collaboration with a borrower friendly platform.
Across the mortgage industry, the percentage of borrowers who start an application, but never finish it, is surprisingly low. Discover how you can change that.
Even before the onset of COVID-19 and distancing, borrowers have been looking for an easy online way to go from home search to closing, while lenders want to be able to digitally originate and process loans quickly from anywhere.
More Featured Technology Innovations
Chatbots aren't just a means for streamlining customer engagement, communications, success and sales. Increasingly, chatbots are providing effective support for both consumers and businesses alike.
Here is the first product to tackle improving both the closing and post-closing process for lenders.
Get an introduction to Optimal Blue’s actionable data offerings, as well as a deep dive into the Enterprise Analytics and Competitive Analytics products.
Capacity is a new kind of helpdesk, powered by artificial intelligence, that automates support for mortgage loan officers and borrowers.
Save time and improve efficiency with the platform trusted by over 20,000 business professionals.