Karen Deis

Karen Deis is the publisher of www.MortgageCurrentcy.com. She is also is president of LoanOfficerTraining.com. To get more information, or to contact her, visit www.facebook.com/loanofficertraining.


Recent Stories From this Author

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March 24, 2015 If you and your staff are suffering from email overload, here is a list of handy shortcuts to use when corresponding to help...

Why Did You Lose That Deal?
February 24, 2015 Mortgage sales people need to make an honest assessment of why a loan application failed to close.

20 Topics to Discuss at a Home Buyers Seminar
February 6, 2015 Concentrate on only four or five of these items that you think are important to your attendees and your area of the country.

Five Signs You Are Micromanaging Your Files
January 13, 2015 Paying attention to detail is important in the mortgage industry but being a control freak could damage your productivity.

Who’s Who on Your Mortgage Team
December 29, 2014 Here are some easy ways to introduce your loan origination group to your clients.

Three Marketing Strategies to Kick Off the New Year
December 11, 2014 Here are three ideas that can be implemented between now and Jan. 2 to get your business in 2015 off to a flying start.

The Big Fish: Where to Find Affluent Home Buyers
December 3, 2014 Word-of-mouth marketing led to a total of seven large mortgage deals for the author.

Have you Googled Yourself Lately?
September 11, 2014 Running a search engine check on your name can turn up old links, outdated information and even items which could harm your...

Some Stuff on Appraisals to Share
August 28, 2014 Here are links to a pair of articles written by appraisers you can share with your referral sources and your clients.

Stick to the Script
August 18, 2014 What to say to pre-approved clients who are shopping for lower interest rates.

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