Kim Weaver

Kim Weaver

Product Manager, Lending Solutions

Kim Weaver works in Lending Solutions at Fiserv, where she is the product manager for the Secure Lending platform, which provides paper-free lending capabilities. She is also a member of Mortgage Technology magazine’s Advisory Board.

Weaver has been in mortgage banking and related industries for more than 20 years, performing and managing origination, processing, underwriting, secondary marketing, closing, loan delivery, insuring and servicing.

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Think about how many disclosure documents are being sent and signed electronically.
Good communication is all about the sender and the recipient agreeing that they exchanged information and what that information was.
Even with the uncertainty of pending regulatory changes, housing will always be a major driver of the economy.
Regardless of your position on the use of MERS as a nominee for the lender, creating a shared, accessible database of record is another reason why lenders and servicers have worked diligently to certify the accuracy of the data entered in the MERS database.
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