Lowell Alcorn

Lowell Alcorn

Managing Director

Lowell Alcorn is a Managing Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and has over 30 years of lending and consulting experience. He has led a wide range of consulting assignments for the industry’s leading commercial, single-family mortgage and auto lenders covering business process improvement, systems integration, financial management, loss mitigation, technology selection and implementation. His clients include many of the top 10 mortgage lenders and he has several large-scale projects to improve technology and operations improvements.

Lowell graduated with a BA in Economics from Catawba College and MBA in Finance from University of Georgia.

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If refinance volumes continue to decrease and regulations limit product differentiation, customer experience becomes a key differentiator for mortgage originators. Understanding customer segmentation and the key needs and expectations for customer segment will be the first step to increasing market share and high closing rates. Mortgage originators must configure their technology and operations to execute on the experience of each customer segment. PwC has surveyed over 700 prospective and...