Stephen Hanson

Stephen Hanson

Vice President & Senior Mortgage Regulatory Counsel
Stephen Hanson is Senior Mortgage Regulatory Counsel for EverBank, a Federal Savings Association located in Jacksonville, Florida which has $18 Billion in assets. For the past four years, Mr. Hanson has supported all aspects of EverBank's residential mortgage origination and servicing operations. His current focus is on exam management and regulatory risk issues for the Servicing Division, including issues affecting vendor management. Prior to joining EverBank, he served as Senior Counsel to Wells Fargo for 10 years, supporting its residential mortgage division.
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Regulatory attention on improved mortgage servicing means mortgage lenders must establish and implement best practices when dealing with third party vendors. Due diligence in selecting vendors, proper contract structuring, and continuous oversight are part-and-parcel of a best practices approach. This session will: 1. Review regulatory guidance on managing third party relationship risks—focusing on best practices developed by the OCC, Fed, FDIC, OTS, and the CFPB, and 2....