Steve Stein | Keynote & Featured Speakers | Mortgage Servicing Conference

Steve Stein

Senior Vice President, Market & Client Strategy


Steven Stein is senior vice president of Market & Client Strategy for CoreLogic. He is responsible for the Market & Client Strategy teams in the Global Sales and Client Strategy group. He is responsible for developing and executing strategic vision for the company’s alternative credit businesses, which includes strategy, expanding market share, increasing revenues and maximizing profitability. Steven joined CoreLogic in April 2013.

Prior to joining CoreLogic, Steven served in senior executive roles at the industry’s largest lenders and servicers, including CitiGroup, JPMorgan Chase and GMAC, where he managed origination production channels in both retail and wholesale business units. During his tenure at Chase he also developed and managed critical customer-facing functions in default management, and helped lead the development of the company’s modification programs to assist distressed borrowers.

During his career, Steven has also served in leadership roles at Washington Mutual Bank, Inc., Prudential Home Mortgage/ Norwest Mortgage and Crossland Savings FSB.