Ted Cornwell

Ted Cornwell


Ted Cornwell has been covering the mortgage business for the past 20 years in the areas of mortgage servicing and technology.

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Some industry observers believe a CFPB pilot program may do what technology advances and e-commerce advocates have failed to accomplish for more than a decade: spark widespread adoption of e-closings.
When serving United Nations employees, knowing how to explain the ins and outs of housing finance in the U.S. is a must. Fortunately for Chip Allen, mortgages run in his blood.
The title giant is betting it can capitalize on growing demand for technologies that will help lenders stay competitive. The challenge will be doing so without getting stung itself by the industry's regulatory and volume problems.
As malware and virus detection gets more advanced, financial firms may find their IT departments overwhelmed by the volume of “suspicious activity” alerts that have to be investigated.
A stand-alone quality control unit may soon become a casualty of the heightened mortgage regulatory environment.
Will American oligarchs reap billions in stock profits by investing in non-governmental housing agencies?
Federal Reserve data show the rate of decline in mortgage debt outstanding has slowed in recent quarters, while housing market trends suggest it could start growing again in the near future.
Companies that allow employees to store work data and communication on their tablets, cell phones or personal laptops need to have a model for handling electronic discovery when litigation occurs.
First-generation Asian and Latino immigrant homeowners saw a lower decline in homeownership rates after the Great Recession than their U.S.-born neighbors.
Some policies only allow a one-year window to challenge claims decisions after an event has occurred.
Tighter underwriting standards, strong farm income and relatively low loan-to-value ratios should provide a cushion if a downturn occurs,
Next year the industry is going to be paying close attention to new rules because of the changing regulatory landscape.
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