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"Every regulation should have to pass a simple test: Does it make life better or safer for American workers or consumers?" President Trump said Friday
Trump Orders Govt Agencies to Create Deregulatory Task Forces
President Trump signed an executive order Friday requiring every agency to establish a task force focused on eliminating unnecessary regulations.  more »
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Ocwen Financial Corp. has reserved $12.5 million to put toward a potential settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's arbitration rule will likely be overturned by Congress if the agency moves ahead with finalizing it.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is set to face its first jury trial in April in what is shaping up to be a critical test of the agency's authority.
The mortgage servicer will pay at least $25 million in cash and provide some $200 million in debt relief to borrowers to resolve a range of alleged violations. But Ocwen will also be allowed to resume acquiring servicing rights in the nation's largest state.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's temporary legal victory on Thursday has lowered the odds that President Trump will seek to remove the agency's director, Richard Cordray, despite repeated calls by prominent Republicans for his ouster.
State mortgage regulatory examinations are focusing on systemic issues and using their broad authority under the Dodd-Frank Act to enforce the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's servicing rules.
A federal appeals court agreed Thursday to hear an appeal by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau challenging a ruling last year that its single-director structure is unconstitutional, a victory for the embattled agency.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is seeking feedback on the benefits and risks of using alternative data sources, such as rent or utility payments, that would allow lenders to build a credit history for unbanked consumers.
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