MortgageKeeper Partners with Student Loan Alliance

MortgageKeeper Referral Services has entered into a strategic partnership with Student Loan Alliance that will assist distressed borrowers who also are struggling with student loan debt.

Student Loan Alliance will serve as an intermediary and the exclusive provider of student loan counseling offered by MortgageKeeper through local nonprofit and government resources.

Access to a broad directory of resources will be directed to Student Loan Alliance. The partnership with SLA, said president of MortgageKeeper, Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey, “ensures current student loan borrowers and consumers with student loan debt receive quality counseling.”

According to Student Loan Alliance president and CEO Larry Gilmore, SLA counseling agencies find that “borrowers with student loan debt challenges typically are in need of other supportive services.”

The MortgageKeeper platform is designed to connect distressed borrowers with local default management resources provided by mortgage servicers, housing counseling agencies and other parties facilitates more than 3,500 referrals a day in 160 markets throughout the United States.

The MKStudent product makes these resources accessible directly to borrowers, he said, enabling SLA to provide streamlined education and counseling.