What to Look For in 2014 in Originations

A New Year A New Year

The difference between survival and failure in 2014 is going to be capital and service. (Credit: Fotolia)

Pivot Pivot

It remains to be seen if most mortgage companies have the capital on hand in order to pivot their businesses to meet the challenges of a changing market place, says industry consultant Rick Roque. (Credit: Fotolia)

Consolidation Consolidation

The need for capital will force smaller players to find partners to consolidate with, Roque continues. (Credit: Fotolia)

Ambiguity Ambiguity

There is no single issue that dominates originators' preparing for 2014 and so the result is ambiguity, says Lenders One CEO Jeff McGuiness. (Credit: Fotolia)

Outside the Box Outside the Box

Smaller lenders like Luxury Mortgage and First Choice Loan Services says they will survive because their size allows them to think outside the box. (Credit: Fotolia)

Frustration Frustration

Service-oriented originators are able to anticipate documentation needs and thus avoid borrower frustration, unlike their larger competitors, adds Peter Grabel of Luxury Mortgage. (Credit: Fotolia)