Updating the Top Loan Officer List for 2012

Late additions and data gathering issues have added a few names to our list. Credit: ThinkStock

There were some omissions in, as well as some late filers for, the original list of the top 200 loan officers published in the April issue of Origination News. While the top of the list has not changed, there were some problems during the data gathering process that resulted in some information not being taken into the system correctly.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We are also working on improving our survey for next year.

As for the additions to the list, Mark Smith, Victoria Capital Inc., is 36th with dollar volume of $138 million. Kelly Marsh of Broadview Mortgage is 44th, with volume of $125 million.

Bridgeview Bank’s James Nuesslein slots in at No. 54, with volume of $114 million. Amy Slotnick of Fairway Independent Mortgage is at No. 78, and her volume last year was $100 million.

Others from Fairway in the top 200 include David Lazowski, No. 112, dollar volume of $81 million; Justin Tulman, No. 121, $79 million; Ed Solter, No. 127, $76 million; Louise Thaxton, No. 163, $68 million; tied at No. 193 with volume of $62 million are Justin Exner and Giuseppe Battaglioli; while Sheira MacKenzie’s $60 million was tied with several others at No. 200.

Fairway has eight loan officers in the top 200, making it one of a handful of companies with multiple top producers.

Sherry Riano, DNJ/Gateway Bank Mortgage, was tied with Thaxton at 163rd, while CS Financial’s Justin Bayle’s $67 million was tied at 165.

We are still gathering information for our survey at our website, http://bit.ly/WybTbg. An updated list will be available shortly at MortgageStats.com.