"We're not interested in doing a handful of loans. We're interested in making a big impact on the first-time homebuyer market," said Brad Blackwell at Wells Fargo.
Has Wells Fargo Cracked the Code on Low Down Payments?
The bank's new low-down-payment mortgage, an alternative to FHA loans, dispenses with the complex qualification requirements that have hampered recent efforts with low down payments by Fannie and Freddie.  more »
2016 Top Producers
Staying on top of credit underwriting rules is essential for Rosalie Rains of Capital Financial Advisors, and when things get slow she can always turn to the two-color flier she made when she first started originating loans.
We move MI forward through innovation, attractive transparent pricing, the best terms of coverage, and a highly responsive approach to working with you.
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Little Rock, Ark.-based startup Mortgage Peer Network was chosen as one of 10 companies to participate in FIS' VC FinTech Accelerator Program.
Banks have rushed to the exits when it comes to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debt securities. Federal liquidity rules seem to be prompting big banks to do so, but why small banks are unloading the bonds, too, is more of a puzzler.
Homebuyers are growing more worried about competition from other buyers, but housing affordability remains their No. 1 concern, a survey by the real estate brokerage Redfin found.
Many appraisers are charging more or simply refusing to do FHA work, which to their minds now comes close to, if not crossing into, the remit of the home inspector.
Believe it or not, buying your first home (or condo) isn't as easy as it looks on an episode of "House Hunters."
It took years but, by one measure, the St. Louis area just recovered from the housing crash.
Mortgage professional hiring and new job appointments for the week ending May 27.
Miami’s crop of new condo towers, built with big deposits from Latin American buyers and lots of marketing glitz, are opening with many owners heading for the exits.
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