"We know that real estate professionals can benefit from patterns and signals that go unnoticed to the naked eye but are easily identified by a smartly programmed algorithm," said SmartZip CEO Avi Gupta.
Marketing Tool Uses Big Data to Predict Home Buyers and Borrowers
Technology developed by SmartZip analyzes 2,000 variables about a housing market and its homeowners to help real estate agents and lenders identify consumers most likely to sell their house or need a new mortgage.  more »
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Loan officers encounter a wide range of obstacles in the process of seeing a mortgage loan through to closing, but how many can spin silence into livestock?
We move MI forward through innovation, attractive transparent pricing, the best terms of coverage, and a highly responsive approach to working with you.
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Mountain states are leading the way as home prices edge closer to their 2006 peak, according to Black Knight Financial Services.
Democrats will adopt a party platform this week that omits most references to a need for continued post-housing crisis reforms, and instead focuses on expanding access to mortgage credit and support for industry regulation.
Regulators sought to limit improper contact between lenders and appraisers, but policies of the two mortgage giants encourage the kind of practices that contributed to the housing crisis.
Waterstone Financial reported a 71% year-over-year jump in net income during the second quarter thanks to growth in its mortgage banking division.
Welcome news for America's renters could be unhelpful for the Federal Reserve.
The first half of 2016 closed strongly for local Realtors, as sales of existing homes completed a six-month period of 11.5% year-over-year growth.
Real estate agents will tell you the Pueblo, Colo., housing market has heated up in the past few years — though they are divided over whether the cause is people coming to the area for legalized marijuana.
New Mexico's single-family home sales for June, the second quarter and the first six months of the year continued to show gains over 2015 figures, according to the Realtors Association of New Mexico.
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