Fannie adds Cooper Castle Law Firm to Retained Attorney Network

Fannie Mae has added the Cooper Castle Law Firm LLP to its retained attorney network.

By being named to the network, the Las Vegas-based law firm is eligible to receive foreclosure and bankruptcy referrals relating to Fannie Mae loans in Nevada.

The law firm, which provides legal services to commercial real estate clients and the lending industry in Nevada, Arizona, California and Utah, is one of seven state attorneys to be listed in the Nevada network.

All Fannie Mae approved attorneys have to be used starting on May 1, but the GSE is encouraging servicers to use attorneys that are in their network immediately.

“Servicers are required to refer foreclosure and bankruptcy referrals to the Nevada attorneys identified on the retained attorney list after the effective date,” Fannie Mae said in a letter. “Servicers will no longer be authorized to refer foreclosure matters to trustee companies in the state.”

Fannie added a total of 14 new jurisdictions to the mandatory retained attorney network. Besides Nevada, added jurisdictions included Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Washington D.C., Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah.