Hisham Salama

Hisham Salama currently heads Digital Payments at TD Bank Group in both Canada and the United States. In this role, Hisham is responsible for developing and implementing product strategy and delivering business results in support of payments objectives across North America for both online and mobile banking.He is also responsible for providing oversight and direction for digital wallets, digital payments, and emerging commerce product offerings that align with digital growth.Hisham brings extensive knowledge of e-commerce, specifically in online and mobile platforms within the financial services industry, to this role, including more than nine years of experience in authentication and customer protection, strategy, payments, and emerging trends. He is known for his ability to successfully innovate and design solutions that drive positive results for both customers and TD Bank. His leadership and innovation have resulted in multiple patent filings within the US and Canada.Prior to this role, Hisham held increasingly senior managerial and executive roles with TD Bank and Bank of America. Hisham was a key member of the BankAmeriDeals product development team, establishing relationships and collaborating closely with local and national merchants, along with several professional sports teams. In addition to his professional experience, Hisham holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, with a concentration in Finance, from North Carolina State University.