Mousumi  Ghosh

Mousumi Ghosh

Mousumi is VP, Data Analysis Manager. In this capacity, she manages a highly analytic team and is responsible for the performance and eligibility targeting� of various treatments, particularly on the payment solutions for high risk and past due accounts. This includes on-going performance analysis and optimization, oversight of execution activities, performance forecasting and broad communication of strategy performance. In her previous role, she was a Manager in the Chase Strategy Group where she analyzed customer data in furthering Chase�s strategic goal of preventing fraud, enhancing control and improving customer experience. Prior to that, she was in Capital One where she did customer segmentation, marketing campaign performance and multi channel performance analytics. She developed an effective digital and cheaper channel usage strategy for mass-market segments using� multi-channel usage data. She also worked in Deloitte Consulting and served Wal-Mart in the SAP implementation project.