PITTSBURGH, PA – October 20, 2017—FZDS™, a recognized leader in the flood zone determination industry announced the integration of FZDS flood zone determination services into the Fiserv loan servicing solution, LoanServ™.

As a National Flood Determination Association (NFDA) certified company, FZDS offers state-of-the-art mapping, convenient reporting options, and dependable determinations. Leading-edge technology enables FZDS to provide timely and reliable flood zone determinations at loan origination—and to reliably track a property throughout the life of the loan, ensuring its status remains compliant with the mandatory purchase requirement.

LoanServ from Fiserv offers an online, real-time solution that consolidates back-office functions and provides integrated payment processing, collections, default management, cashiering, escrow, and investor accounting for a range of loans. By integrating FZDS flood zone determination services directly with LoanServ, Fiserv extends its capabilities, which are designed to provide a simple, accurate, and seamless process for tracking and updating flood zone determinations. When FEMA flood maps change, automation of updates further reduces the risks of error, overlook, delay, and cost associated with manual notifications.

“Integration of FZDS services allows Fiserv clients to automate life-of-loan flood zone tracking inside the trusted system they already use,” said FZDS Director of Sales Steve Murchison. “FZDS has broad experience with evolving technology, including customer-facing origination, servicing systems, and internal processing technology. Our experienced technical experts help to make the transition into integration simple and pain free for lenders.”

“Servicers cannot address risks without having data,” said Joe Dombrowski, director of product management for Fiserv, “Adding FZDS to the providers of flood zone determination services connected to LoanServ aligns with our goal to help servicers reduce the cost to service a loan by improving productivity and strategically addressing risk.”

To get connected to FZDS flood determination services, please call or email: 800-324-1284, info@fzds.com.

About FZDS
FZDS provides Flood Zone Determinations nationwide for lender compliance with National Flood Insurance Program regulatory requirements. Federal regulations require lenders to determine and document whether collateral used to secure a mortgage is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). Life-of-Loan tracking, census tract data, borrower’s notices, and aerial map copy make FZDS your single source for flood zone determinations. FZDS is sharply focused on providing customers with superior accuracy and delivering solutions that save lenders time and money. Learn more at https://www.fzds.com/

Steve Murchison
Director of Sales