Slideshow NYAMB: New York Wholesale Proves Resilient

  • June 14 2013, 4:51pm EDT
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Borsellino: Wholesale Had Made a Comeback

NYAMB president Lou Borsellino said he thought this year's conference showed improvement in the business.

Amato: We Have Some Steadfast Lenders

Several wholesale lenders have stuck with the NYAMB through some rough times, events chair Irene Amato told attendees.

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Savitt: Appraisal Rules Could Still Be Changed

Marc Savitt, president at National Association of Independent Housing Professionals, told those who attended the conference that he still believes it is possible to reform regulation so that originators do not have to be so disconnected from appraisers.

Several Wholesalers Active in the State

Among the lenders that supported the group’s annual meeting were these.

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Putting an Emphasis on the Purchase Market

Ridgewood, a local mutual savings bank, exhibited at the conference to spread the word about its purchase-market products.

Funding FHA, USDA and Conforming

Allied was among the exhibitors at the meeting spreading the word about the products it will fund, which include FHA, USDA and conforming.