Slideshow The Stack: A New Modular Building Technique

  • July 30 2013, 11:29am EDT

Made in Pennsylvania, Assembled in New York

DeLuxe Building Systems in Berwick, Pa., manufactured the building's modules used to assemble the building in Manhattan entirely offsite.Photo courtesy of GLUCK+.

Fifty-Six Pieces Are Used to Make One Building

Fifty-six of these modules make up the seven-story complex of 28 apartments and 4,000-square-feet of retail space.Photo courtesy of GLUCK+.

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Aiming for More Efficiency and Unit Quality

This method of construction was designed to provide efficient on-site integration and greater unit quality control.Photo courtesy of GLUCK+.

Affordable Housing Is a Goal

Among the goals of this construction method is to create more affordable housing in New York City.Photo courtesy of GLUCK+.

The Developers' Vision

Developers Jeffrey M. Brown and Kimberly Frank found the project (pictured in this artist's rendering of the completed project) gave them the opportunity to create innovative design for living, while exploring the methodology of off-site fabrication and its potential application to future projects. Photo courtesy of GLUCK+.