The “new now” – Affordability in U.S. and impact to borrower populations

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Join housing research and economic experts from Freddie Mac to learn about today’s evolving economic, social and demographic shifts that are impacting homebuyer affordability. Discover how insights from Freddie Mac First-Time Homebuyer Affordability Index can provide opportunities to understand, and engage, population segments that are prime candidates to become future homebuyers.

The challenges faced by first-time homebuyers and those in underserved communities are daunting within a landscape transformed by financial hardships due to COVID-19, rising debt burdens, housing inventory shortages, limited affordable entry-housing options and unequal access to resources and credit. While historically low interest rates and a still robust real estate market counter these headwinds, understanding the “new now” and its implications to markets and various borrower populations is more important than ever. Members of the housing industry need insights to better understand the complexities of their future prospects and the realities of affordable housing scarcity. Learn how this information can help you to focus on the future of your business.

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  • Macro housing context and drivers for affordability
  • The Freddie Mac First-Time Homebuyer Affordability Index findings
  • Opportunities and challenges in spotlight markets (population sizing, income, debt types, down payment barriers, diversity, age)
  • Opportunities to identify new populations that are candidates for future home ownership
  • Solutions and resources

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  • Jaya Dey
    Director, Research and Analytics, Housing Insights and Solutions
    Freddie Mac Single-Family
  • Kristine Yao
    Director, Economic and Housing Research
    Freddie Mac
  • Jim Ericson
    Consultant Editor Emeritus
    Information Management