LOGS Network Expands Coverage to California

A new California law firm has joined the LOGS Network to represent mortgage servicers and consumer credit agencies dealing with legal issues pertaining to foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, title and REO management.

The law firm of Keefe Roberts & Associates, based in Irvine, Calif., has agreed to partner with Shapiro & Kreisman LLC and be part of the LOGS Network.

The new firm will be known as Roberts & Shapiro LLP and will handle all default-related matters throughout the state of California.

“This is an important step in expanding our network coverage because of the concentration of mortgage-related legal business in the state,” said Gerald Shapiro, chief executive officer of Bannockburn, Ill.-based LOGS Network.

Keefe Roberts, a 15-year veteran of the mortgage business, will be the managing partner of Roberts & Shapiro.

“I have admired the LOGS organization since joining this industry in 1998, including my time serving as assistant general counsel to two large servicers that were represented by the LOGS legal network in many states,” Roberts said in a press release.

“I am confident that we will continue to excel together in serving the needs of residential mortgage servicing clients and their investors across the state of California.”