Wells Fargo Reaches Out To Distressed Borrowers

Wells Fargo’s 36th Home Preservation Workshop was held at Chicago’s United Center (pictured) on Aug. 17-18. At Home Preservation Workshops, Wells Fargo home retention specialists have met one-on-one with more than 24,000 customers facing mortgage payment challenges, which is more than a sold-out basketball game at the United Center.

Home Preservation Specialist assists customer is Sacramento, Calif. at a Wells Fargo Home Preservation Workshop.

Lisa Willis (center) with Rullah Price and Joel Sarmiento of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Servicing in Portland, Ore. at the Wells Fargo Home Preservation Workshop. Willis, a single mother, had mortgage payment challenges after losing her job in the health care industry. Willis was able to find a solution at one of Wells Fargo’s 48 such workshops it's hosted since Sept. 2009.

Wells Fargo prepared to meet with customers facing mortgage payment challenges in Brooklyn.

Wells Fargo Home Preservation Specialist James Ware, Tempe, Ariz., assisted a customer at Wells Fargo's 41st Home Preservation Workshop in Philadelphia.

Wells Fargo Home Preservation Specialist Gracie Hernandez from San Antonio, Texas, worked with a customer facing mortgage payment challenges at Wells Fargo’s Philadelphia Home Preservation Workshop.

Pardenthia Gill of Ft. Mill, S.C., assisted customers facing mortgage payment challenges during the Philadelphia Home Preservation Workshop on Oct. 5-6.

Wells Fargo Home Preservation Specialists Lauren Westrich, Jason Burkhart and Jeremy Viele of Springfield, Ill., prepared to meet with some of the 700 customers who attended the Home Preservation Workshop in Philadelphia on Oct. 5-6.

In Atlanta on Sept. 9, Wells Fargo team members welcomed the 25,000th customer to attend a Wells Fargo Home Preservation Workshop since 2009. Pictured (left to right): Neil Patel and Candi Trevizo of Tempe, Ariz., customer Tim Wynn of Marietta, Ga.; Ken Bates of Tempe, Ariz.; and Robert