Why did the name of this popular 1980s band pop into my mind recently? It’s because our National Mortgage News Twitter feed has passed 10,000 followers.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d never think of our followers as maniacs. Brainiacs, perhaps. I’m pleased so many in the industry have signed up to follow our Twitter postings (http://www.twitter.com/NatMortNews).

Executive editor Paul Muolo scours all areas of the mortgage business to find things to post several times a day. I have my own “editor” twitter feed (http://www.twitter.com/mortgagenewz) and I’m pleased to have 1,800 followers. Daily, I post links to my editorials, conferences I’m set to chair, and I retweet hot news items from our website.

I must be way past 140 characters now, so I’m going to stop! @thankyoufollowers