I recently gave a short presentation on re-emerging borrowers at a local Women's Council of Realtors event. This is a hot, hot, hot topic for Realtors (and lenders) right now. I covered what it means to be a borrower returning from the following:

  • Job loss
  • Credit challenges
  • Short sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcy

There wasn't time to go into a lot of detail (even if there was more time, it probably wouldn't have interested everyone) and I wanted to make sure I covered some of the emotional side of being a re-emerging borrower. Throughout the presentation, I emphasized the need to work with an experienced mortgage professional and then had a handout for more detailed information.
Here are a few marketing ideas for this type of material:

  1. Call up your local Board of Realtors office and offer to speak on this topic at any event they have coming up.
  2. Contact your local WCR president to offer this topic for an upcoming luncheon. Explain that you can take just 10 minutes to go over the information if they want to add something to one of their meetings.
  3. One of my coaching clients is using this information to put together a home buying class called “Coming Back From the Mortgage Meltdown”
  4. Contact all the real estate brokers in your area and offer to talk about this in their next sales meeting.
  5. Email the info out to your Realtors.
  6. Post it on your blog or Facebook.
  7. Print off 100 copies and wallpaper the office bathroom.

It’s important to be known as an expert and providing this type of information to your Realtor community is the best way to do this. 
If you would like to have a copy of my handout, send me an email: Bliss@BlissSawyer.com