Do you remember the time before social media, cell phones, text messages, etc.? When I started as an originator in 1985 I recall carrying around a calculator and a roll of quarters along with a pen and pad. I had these items with me at all times for fear that I would miss a call from a potential client or a real estate agent or builder.
The rule was to succeed you must be available 24/7/365. By the way, that is no exaggeration. I got calls on Christmas, New Year's and every other holiday.
We all seem to be very busy these days which is good news. But I want to share something with you that could be a game changer in your business.
Everyone wants what is hard to get. Please re-read this.
While you are watching your cell or sitting by your computer and watching your e-mails, you are stressed. You don't want to miss a call or an e-mail or a text.
Now think about this for a second; I understand we need to be responsive. But are you acting like a commodity or an expert? Are you giving off subconscious messages to your prospects and referral sources?
Do you seem desperate?
A few years ago I was diagnosed with a tumor that was likely cancer. My wife immediately called the head of the head and neck cancer center at the University of Maryland hospital. We expected to need to wait months for an appointment since he was one of the top specialists in the country.
Years before, we needed to have my son tested by a specialist. Everyone we called was booked for months but we didn't have months to wait. Finally we reached a specialist who said they could see us tomorrow or the next day. Morning or evening appointments were available.
Guess what? We waited for the busiest person.
Why? Because we wanted to see an expert and what expert is open all the time.
Stop sending the message that you are desperate. Act like a pro.

Of course I'm not even going to go into the whole discussion of picking a niche, becoming the expert and letting everyone know. But the next time your cell rings or a text comes in or you receive an e-mail, just try waiting.
Let them feel like they are chasing you! Once you do the rate question will often go away and you will finally be seen as the true expert you are.


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