Success means different things to different people.

Victoria Del Frate,, says that nothing is more critical to your success than having a vision in mind of what that success looks like and feels like. Without a vision, you will find yourself helplessly looped in reactive behaviors, projects that start and stop, and frequent feelings of being unmotivated and disconnected.

Paint a picture for yourself.

Put yourself in the future one, two or three years from today.

Visualize that you are celebrating all that you have accomplished. Describe what it's like to be in your shoes today. Use present tense as if you have already achieved the goals and are living "the vision."

Answer the questions below by starting with those to which you have an immediate, positive reaction.


  1. What tasks have been taken off your plate and delegated to someone else?
  2. What activities do you spend 80% of your time engaged in, in order to continue to grow your business?
  3. Who do you spend the majority of your time with?
  4. Who are your clients? Describe your "best" client?a client profile, so to speak.
  5. What systems helped you get to where you are today?
  6. Who are your referral partners today, and how did you go about making and cultivating those relationships?
  7. What positions have been filled in order to expand your team?
  8. What does your average workday look like? Who do you meet with? What projects are you involved in?
  9. What new avenues have you paved to increase your wealth?
  10. What has changed about your family life?
  11. Where do you vacation, and how often do you go?
  12. What juices you up about starting your workday?
  13. What worries have been lifted from your mind?
  14. How have you celebrated your victories?

Celebrating your victories, big or small is mandatory.  

  • What "toys" have you purchased?
  • What memories have you created with friends and family?
  • What dream gift did you get just for you?
  • Did you pat yourself on the back today? 

So, what does success look like to you?