Debt collection and mortgage issues make up about half of the 1.2 million complaints reported to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since it began accepting complaints in July 2011. Of these complaints, 272,153 are mortgage related.

The majority of mortgage complaints filed regard problems faced when consumers are unable to make their payments, and those concerning debt collection involve attempts to collect a debt not owed.

Here's a look at how these two most common complaints measure up nationwide.
Most mortgage complaints are filed by consumers unable to pay
Of all of the complaints filed with the CFPB, 272,153 were mortgage related; 49% of these regard issues faced by consumers who were unable to pay.
California has highest volume of complaints
California reported 159,158 complaints to the CFPB, the most of any U.S. state. The majority of California's complaints involve mortgages.
North Dakota reports least number of complaints
North Dakota filed the least amount of complaints, with 1,184. Of these reports, most are associated with debt collection.
Oklahoma borrowers face issues with payment-making process
About 44% of mortgage complaints in Oklahoma involve the payment-making process.
Alabama questions credit report accuracy
Alabama complained more about credit report issues than mortgages as 76% of these complaints regarded incorrect information on a credit report.
Veteran borrowers unable to pay are filing complaints
Veterans and servicemembers reported 13,651 mortgage issues to the CFPB and 45% of their mortgage complaints involved problems they faced when they were unable to pay.
Mortgage debt makes up a majority of total U.S. debt
Debt collection complaints are 4% higher than mortgage complaints. Today, mortgage debt makes up 68% of total U.S. debt.
Complaint volume is rising
Complaints reported to the CFPB increased by 7% last year.