How Data & Analytics Can Give Lenders a Competitive Edge in Any Market

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Join Mark Teteris, Director of Solutions Specialists with Optimal Blue, as he explores how real-time, actionable data and analytics can provide today’s leading mortgage lenders with a sustainable competitive advantage in any market—especially in today’s climate of unprecedented origination volumes and market volatility. In this video, you will discover:

• The importance of visibility and transparency into your mortgage business, your competition, and the mortgage market as a whole

• How to use enterprise data to gain operational visibility, improve and create workflow efficiencies, and maximize profitability through interactive analyses of origination volume, locks, and change requests

• How to leverage sophisticated competitive benchmarking tools to compare your performance to peers, assess the effectiveness of strategies, and remain at the forefront of the competition

• Valuable, timely resources that provide a comprehensive view into market trends, rate activity, and mortgage finance across the primary and secondary markets

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