Cuyahoga County home prices take a jump up in February

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The median price for single-family homes in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, took a jump up in February, especially so in the suburbs.

Countywide, the median was $117,500, up from $105,000 in January. Last year, the normal seasonal swing toward higher prices did not start until March,'s monthly tracking of county home sales data found.

In February 2019, the median sales price was significantly lower, at $90,000.

In just the suburbs, the median reached $149,250 in February, up from $136,750 in January. In February 2019, the median was $119,950.

Prices have been more volatile in the city, where there are fewer sales and many of the higher-priced homes are classified as condos.

The February median for single-family price in Cleveland was $42,500, down from $47,500 in January. The median was also $47,500 in February 2019.

The analysis of county property transfer records includes single-family homes only, excluding both condos and duplexes, as well as sheriff's deed transactions and the handful of sales under $1,000.

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