DigMo Demos: Previewing the innovations on display at the 2018 conference

The 2018 Digital Mortgage Conference will be held Sept. 17-18 in Las Vegas. In its third year, the conference is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings together lenders, servicers and technology developers.

As always, the event's main attraction will be the nearly three dozen live demonstrations of digital mortgage products representing the entire spectrum of the home lending process. While it's a great opportunity for mortgage executives to get a first-hand look at the latest innovations, the stakes are even higher this year for the vendors.

A panel of judges will score each demo and the vendor with the most innovative product, technology or idea will win a $10,000 prize. The contest, sponsored by LendingTree, will recognize the winner and two runners up during the conference.

Here's a look at the companies that will be presenting demos at this year's conference, along with a brief description, in their own words, about their product and its value to the industry.

ACES Risk Management
ARMCO’s DataSure automates the data validation process for thousands of key data points within a lender’s source system. This automation imparts the highest levels of accuracy and consistency by virtually eliminating any data integrity issues prior to transmitting loan files to investors and insurers. This ultimately prevents suspensions and kickbacks for incorrect data; expedites investor purchases; decreases warehouse lending dwell times; improves efficiencies; reduces operational FTE expenses; and improves quality control processes.
Agent Find
Agent Find Demo Box
Agent Find
Agent Find’s no-cost solution increases lenders purchase lead conversions by up to 100%. Agent Find consists of a network of 15,000+ Realtors who are trained to be our partnered lenders advocate and who have agreed not interfere with the pre-existing loan relationship. Agent Find’s newest product, NH, provides lenders with the tools to effectively compete in the current online space.
Anow (Rocket Appraise) Demo Box
Anow (Appraisers Now)
Anow provides practice management software for thousands of appraisers, key components in the loan origination process, plus unique insight into their schedules, real-time locations, qualifications and services offered. The tool is designed for lenders, providing direct insight into the location and availability of appraisers. It also allows lenders to book an appraisal inspection instantly and in real time, significantly reducing the time and cost of the appraisal process when completing a digital mortgage.
Awesome Technologies
Awesome Technologies Demo Box
Bullseye Metrics
Bullseye Metrics is a turn-key business intelligence solution that can be adapted to any system in any industry, to provide focused, real time intelligence on your entire organization. Bullseye helps management, executive and operations staff forecast, track, and analyze company wide data. It ensures our users have access to any and all critical data needed to make decisions that can immediately impact day to day business at their fingertips.
Black Knight
LoanSphere Servicing Digital
LoanSphere Servicing Digital is a mobile solution, with self-service capabilities, that delivers anytime, anywhere access to loan information enabling customers to make payments, receive notifications about changes in their loan, and view their estimated home value and recent sales in their neighborhood.
Blend is a mobile-first mortgage origination platform powered by big data and machine learning that is evolving the lending landscape. Blend serves as the digital layer on top of the LOS to empower lenders to be more efficient, reducing the time and cost of loan origination while delighting borrowers. With a simple interface, built-in compliance, and intelligent features, Blend saves lenders and borrowers valuable time and money.
BlueRush Demo Box
IndiVideo is the interactive personalized video platform for financial services. Create a memorable experience, simplify complex products and ensure immediate relevancy using Bluerush’s interactive personalized video platform, IndiVideo. The platform’s data-driven video content seamlessly fits into existing marketing infrastructure to accelerate the lending process. IndiVideo is built to cost effectively scale with no compromise to data security.
Construction Lending Software
Built Technologies is a Nashville-based fintech company bringing construction lending into the digital age. By digitizing the collateral monitoring and draw process associated with servicing construction loans, Built helps lenders reduce risk, increase profitability and productivity, transform the borrower experience, simplify compliance, and provide unprecedented portfolio insights.
Clear Capital
Clear Capital Demo Box
ClearCollateral is a groundbreaking SaaS platform designed for enterprise scalability that revolutionizes collateral valuation management. Clear Capital provides intelligence and technology to the nation's leading financial institutions to inform collateral decision making. Clear Capital's valuation, analytics and platform solutions are built upon its comprehensive database of information on nearly every U.S. property. Clear Capital is headquartered in Reno, Nevada and employs over 500 people nationwide.
CoreLogic will reveal its new product during the conference and has asked the organizers to keep the details of its demo under wraps until then. CoreLogic is a property information, analytics and solutions provider. The company's combined public, contributory and proprietary data sources include over 4.5 billion records spanning more than 50 years. The company helps clients identify and manage growth opportunities, improve performance and mitigate risk.
Digital Risk
Digital Risk Demo Box
Digital Risk LoanFx is a fully integrated and hosted solution encompassing a best-in-class point of sale digital mortgage front-end platform, supported by a complete technology suite that provides operational scale, deep mortgage domain expertise, and enterprise grade data security and compliance.
Solex eClosing
Solex eClosing provides a seamless digital mortgage closing solution for all parties through one platform. Integrated with Simplifile for eNotarization and eRecording, closings are accelerated, and the customer experience is improved. As a Fannie Mae-approved eClosing and eVault provider, we help lenders create and submit electronic mortgages to Fannie Mae.
Ephesoft Demo Box
Ephesoft Transact for Mortgage
Ephesoft Transact for Mortgage solution is a cloud-based modular, smart document capture platform that is pretrained to recognize and classify more than 600 mortgage document types, dramatically accelerating processing speeds for mortgage lenders who opt to bundle the Ephesoft Transact platform with this tailored classification solution.
Home Captain
Home Captain Demo Box
Total Purchase Management
Home Captain is a technology-enabled purchase management platform and integrated concierge services for mortgage lenders to increase their conversion rate by three to five times. Total Purchase Management tracks the borrower’s entire home buying journey from matching with a real estate agent to the closing table, keeping the loan officer involved every step of the way.
Infutor Data Solutions
ID Suite
Infutor gives brands a secure, privacy compliant foundation to improve inbound engagements and outbound marketing reach, and to minimize risk. ID Suite enables its users to accurately identify cold, warm and hot prospects. Furthermore, users will experience improvements in data quality leading to more accurate segmentation and personalization for a better customer experience. This results in an increase in conversion rates, improved ROI, higher lifetime customer value, decrease in attrition and reduction in marketing waste. Demo Box
Jane is an artificial intelligence platform that is revolutionizing the way mortgage professionals work. Jane is integrated with mission-critical apps like Encompass and AllRegs and is accessible from any device, giving team members access to the information they need to do their jobs while out in the field.
Lender Price
Lender Price Demo Box
Pricing Engine and Digital Lending Platform
A digital lending platform that streamlines the lending process with a delightful user experience. Configurable user interfaces that connect to your loan origination system. Enterprise product, pricing and eligibility engine built for retail, wholesale, and correspondent lenders. Complete with lock desk, secondary marketing, and margin management features.
LendWize Demo Box
LendWize is a suite of compliant and integrated origination and secondary marketing tools. These include a PPE with total cost analysis and rate alerts, Lender CRM with preapprovals, loan pipeline and digital 1003, property profile/AVM, verification services, borrower/Realtor portals, guidelines and pricing management, capital markets and loan QC.
LoanLogics Demo Box
LoanHD and LoanLogics IDEA
LoanHD Loan Quality Management Solutions use intelligent data extraction and automation (IDEA), performing 100% data comparison of extracted document data and LOS/system data in the mortgage loan review. All loan documents are classified, with data extracted and compared with LOS data via the LoanHD LoanFacts dashboard, providing unmatched granularity for audit review, analytics and action plan reporting.
LoyaltyExpress Demo Box
LendingManager produces corporate, branch, and loan officer websites for leading mortgage companies and banks. The websites integrate with the LendingMnager point-of-sale solution, which accepts complete loan applications as well as hosts a client portal where borrowers can view the status of an application. The POS integrates with over 70 mortgage technology providers.
Matic Demo Box
Matic for LOs and Processors
Matic for LOs and Processors is a homeowners insurance tool built to simplify the mortgage process. With Matic, LOs and Processors simply click a button inside their LOS to get multiple insurance quotes on behalf of their borrower, trimming down the insurance process from days to minutes. Matic is a technology driven insurance agency integrating directly with mortgage lenders and insurance carriers to provide homeowners insurance during the mortgage process.
Maxwell Demo Box
Maxwell InstaApp
Maxwell, an industry leading POS, empowers lending teams with a digital borrower experience that improves their efficiency all in a cloud software tool that deploys instantly. The new Maxwell InstaApp gives borrowers a meaningful connection to their lenders, building a deeper relationship and experiencing a rich digital interaction that drives up conversion rates. Pull-through improves, data fidelity improves, and decisions are smarter and faster.
Mortgage Coach
Mortgage Coach Demo Box
Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis
The Mortgage Coach platform is comprised of online and mobile applications that empower a loan originator to earn the commitment of mortgage borrowers faster. The Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis uses visual graphs, video narration, seamless integrations and real-time updates to help lenders guide every borrower to a confident mortgage decision anytime, anywhere.
Motivity Demo Box
Actionable Intelligence Platform
The Actionable Intelligence Platform (AIP) provides an exclusive data ecosystem consisting of proprietary, licensed, client and third-party data leveraged in concert with our industry expertise and best-in-class technology to help transform the industry through analytics. The AIP uniquely enables the creation and timely delivery of strategic, proactive, actionable and innovative analytics that generate and protect revenue, increase operational efficiency and productivity, and support compliance.
NestReady Demo Box
NestReady Oracle
NestReady uses a machine learning predictive analytics model providing mortgage lenders actionable insight and automation around the customer lifecycle to take the right action at the right time by combining consumer behavior analysis, real estate transactional data, consumer psychographics, and other data sources. NestReady increases conversions while shorting sales cycles and reducing CAC.
Notarize Demo Box
Notarize for Mortgage
Notarize is a notary public platform allowing any person or business to get their documents legally notarized online. Notarize also enables an entirely online mortgage closing process. Borrowers, lenders, title agents, and beyond gain the same digitized efficiencies during the closing as they get to enjoy during the front end of the mortgage process.
NotaryCam Demo Box
eClose360 Enterprise Portal
NotaryCam's eClose360 platform brings all loan parties together to notarize documents and close real estate and mortgage transactions entirely online. NotaryCam's patented eClose360 platform helps mortgage and settlement partners facilitate 100% online mortgage closings while providing unparalleled identity verification, security and customer convenience. A streamlined dashboard allows companies to manage open and completed transactions in one place. Companies can customize status updates and use built-in reporting to track their performance.
OneSpan Demo Box
OneSpan Sign + OneSpan Vault + Blockchain
OneSpan Sign and OneSpan Vault paired with blockchain help banks and lenders securely manage and protect mortgage notes as well as other mortgage closing documents throughout the lending process. From digital onboarding to fraud mitigation to workflow management, OneSpan’s unified, open platform reduces costs, accelerates customer acquisition, and increases customer satisfaction.
Income AI
Income AI is a calculation and audit system that optimizes the underwriting decision process, evaluating, structuring, and recording data and documents throughout. Reusable source data records are associated to incomes, debts, assets, and property expenses to support and dynamically generate calculations and qualifying record options. Every stage of the qualification process is tracked and recorded for complete transparency and auditability. PromonTech is a fintech company modernizing the mortgage process for the next generation of homebuyers.
QuestSoft Demo Box
Compliance EAGLE
QuestSoft provides compliance software and services to mortgage lenders. It's specialities include HMDA, CRA and Fair Lending compliance analytics, digital compliance software and survey proven customer service. Compliance EAGLE dramatically reduces the time to comply with all federal, state, local laws along with features that allows institutions to make up to 200 additional basis points identifying additional profits paid by banks for promoting lending to underserved markets.
Spruce Demo Box
Spruce's digital closing solution is fully-integrated, encompassing the signing and escrow process, providing lenders with complete transparency and control. Spruce provides lenders with options for workflow customization, API integration, and constant access to the best digital options in the industry, all while lowering the cost to close. The solution works in every jurisdiction, and is totally free as part of Spruce's title and escrow services.
Total Expert
TotalExpert Demo
Total Expert
Total Expert gives financial services organizations the unique ability to empower their sales teams for growth while ensuring they stay compliant with complex regulations. We align sales, marketing and compliance departments in one system, enabling the simple creation, distribution and reporting of all marketing materials. Total Expert empowers financial services organizations to track pipeline growth and gain valuable insight into their organization’s data with our advanced reporting function to help increase sales velocity.
Value Connect
Value Connect Demo Box
Smart Appraisal
Value Connect helps increases lenders' profitability by increasing member/client satisfaction ratings and funding ratios. We're a complete appraisal productivity suite that reduces appraisal rework an average of 50%. Our modular technology gives lenders the tools needed to easily manage their approved appraiser list and ensure assignment scope is followed by appraisers.