Ellie Mae has launched the Encompass Lending Platform, allowing customers to integrate external systems and data, and build custom applications in the cloud.

For the new platform, Ellie Mae has created a suite of application program interfaces called Encompass Connect.

The first offering is called Encompass TPO Connect. With this API, correspondent sellers and wholesale brokers are able to upload, register and lock loans in Encompass regardless of the software they use.

Third-party originators can customize business rules to control fields, actions and permissions. It allows for the search and use of real-time data, including current product and pricing information.

There is also Encompass Loan Officer Connect and Encompass Consumer Connect, both of which are expected to be available in the current quarter, and Encompass Developer Connect, expected to be available in the first quarter of next year.

"Today's launch...puts more power into the hands of our customers, partners and developers, enabling them to rapidly extend, integrate, and build new capabilities with Encompass that serve to differentiate and grow their businesses," said Ellie Mae President and CEO Jonathan Corr in a press release.

Separately Ellie Mae announced changes to Encompass to support the Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty initiative. These include a new automated workflow for Desktop Underwriter and EarlyCheck.

Later in the fourth quarter, Ellie Mae will roll out its integration to Fannie Mae's Uniform Closing Dataset collection service. This will allow lenders to seamlessly deliver the UCD dataset to Fannie Mae well ahead of the September 2017 mandate.