Mortgage Lenders Still Wary of Non-Qualified Loan Market

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Mortgage lenders continue to remain cautious of high-risk borrowers, according to the Lenders One Mortgage Barometer survey released Monday.

Just 64% of the 200 mortgage lenders surveyed said they originate non-qualifying mortgage loans, and only 18% do so frequently. Lenders One also found that of those originating non-qualifying loans, only 51% said they are extremely or very likely to do so in 2016.

Of the issues that made lenders' lists, better customer service and improving the time between originating and closing a loan ranked highest, with more than 70% of lenders considering both to be important.

Other areas of major concern include regulations and rising interest rate: 41% of lenders said they were concerned about TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure rules, while 24% expressed similar concerns about the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and 14% about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

"Mortgage lenders are looking at 2016 as a year in which they will move toward a more growth-focused business strategy," Lenders One Interim Chief Executive Daniel Goldman said in a press release. "However, some external factors such as rising interest rates and a complex regulatory environment will continue to temper the pace at which mortgage lenders seek to expand."

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