Years ago when I was first starting out in the business I wandered in to a new home development. My business was like a roller coaster. One good month followed by two or three low production months.

I just couldn't seem to get any traction. Of course I was working hard, because I had not yet discovered working smart. My manager at the time was a nice man but truly provided zero guidance. He simply continued to tell me to go out and meet real estate agents.
So that's what I did!
Now I had no connections and I am not exactly the most extroverted person you would ever meet. In fact, I am truly shy by nature. But I kept calling on offices, or should I say "visiting offices."
Because of my shyness, I never truly got to meet many agents. Instead, I would walk in and just drop off my flyers and sheets in the agents boxes. 
Sadly, I actually thought I was accomplishing something.
It took me a long time but I finally figured out that mailboxes don't give people business. People give people business and they will only work with other people they know, like and trust.

Burn that into your memory the next you time you commit to dropping off donuts or rate sheets.
These days we may feel accomplished after postings on social media and sending out e-mails. Don't misunderstand me, these things do work. But they are not the only things you should be doing.
Nothing beats face-to-face, eye-to-eye meetings!
Getting back to my early days, I was pretty upset at my production but continued to go out and do as my manager told me by meeting agents.
That's when I met Roberta.

She was a new home consultant but also a very active Realtor. We immediately hit it off and Roberta decided to try me on her next deal. That deal went very smoothly and we developed a great working relationship. But it turned out to be much more than that. Roberta was one of my biggest fans.

She not only used me for her deals but she told everyone in her office about me. When she went to the Million Dollar Roundtables she told all of them about me. When an agent sold one of her listings – she told them all about me. Actually she didn't just tell them about me, she made the introduction to the selling agents and told them they should consider using me. Roberta was my biggest fan and advocate. She truly helped me grow my business.
Why? Honestly, I am not sure why other than she saw that I was struggling but was very persistent. I was passionate about my job and never ever seemed dejected. I did what I said I would do, which as we all know isn't always easy. 
If she called me I called her back. If her client called me I would let her know. Each and every week I would give her a written update on her loan files. 
Simply stated, I was dependable, honest and knowledgeable.
I realize our business is complicated but you must always be honest, dependable and know what you are talking about. Return your calls. Set proper expectations.
I realize this all sounds like a cliché you have heard hundreds of times but it is still true regardless.

Do you have fans like that?

Roberta was a loan officer's dream. Now don't misunderstand. She was very demanding and we spoke almost every day for 20 years. But we also became great friends. I attended all of her children's weddings and she attended my wedding and other family functions.Why am I telling you all of this and what is the lesson?

First, there is no better way to break into an office and get some fast traction than finding the most influential agents and earning their business. Second, people do business with other people! It's not an agent doing business with a loan officer or a real-estate company doing business with a mortgage company. It's two people doing business together and the sooner you realize that important distinction the faster your own production will sky rocket.

Sadly Roberta passed away and I truly miss her even today.

Now go out and find yourself three-to-five Roberta's that you will get to know and enjoy working with  and speaking to and watch your production sky rocket.

Brian Sacks is the president of Loan Officer Tips and Agents Chase You. He has taught thousands of loan officers over the past 30 years how to Close More Loans - Make More Money and Still Have Time to Enjoy Life.You can view his free report at  He is also the founder of the Loan Officer Tips group in LinkedIn, which you can join at