As we wrap up another year, we look for innovative and fun ways to wish our clients, friends, referral partners, others we do business with, others we want to do business with, et al, a happy holiday season.

While it is still early in the month (although the holiday shopping season is getting like the presidential primary season—the start keeps getting pushed up because everybody wants to be first), I already got a pair of email greetings with some unique attachments.

Tradeweb has its Holiday Hop 2011. The email contains a link to a game, and according to the company, the object is to help the Webster penguin family get home for the holiday without getting wet.

Another email contains a link to a presentation which starts out "Warm Wishes to All" before the type pulls back on the screen, a photo is display from the company which sent it with the final working "from Wisemar 'the wise consulting choice.'"

My personal favorite is from two years ago, when I got a holiday ecard from my wife's first cousin. He uses a service called JibJab. He loaded photos of my family and his brother into the system using a template that featured a snowball fight. The music behind it is "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."

Another JibJab card that is popular in my house features scenes from Star Wars.

There are all sorts of resources out there that let you email exciting images rather then just boring text.

Brad Finkelstein is the managing editor of Origination News and can be contacted at