Mortgage servicing has come a long way since the worst of the foreclosure crisis, but the housing market's ongoing recovery has opened the door for many new challenges to emerge.

Chief among those concerns is a renewed focus on improving the customer experience. Whether it's overcoming challenges in the onboarding of new loans and managing mortgage servicing rights transfers, or the portfolio retention and organic growth strategies necessary to sustain a profitable business, servicers are taking a much-needed hard look at the full range of customer touch-points that they operate.

I invite you to join me and your industry peers to discuss these and many other issues at SourceMedia's 2016 Mortgage Servicing Conference in Dallas. Whether you're a depository or nonbank, subservicer or default specialist, this conference has everything — even a discussion about what to do about those persnickety millennials!

You'll hear first-hand how servicers of all sizes are addressing vendor management, data analytics and reporting, as well as gain comprehensive insights into the regulatory landscape affecting servicers on the local, state and federal levels.

This marks the 10th year that SourceMedia has presented its Mortgage Servicing Conference, and this subject couldn't be any more relevant. Plus, our event will be held at an exciting new venue this year. I look forward to seeing you April 20-22 for this vitally important event.