"What do you do for a living?" This simple question was posed to me recently by a new acquaintance I had met at a gathering of sales professionals. My response was "I am a juggler."


Think about what we need to do for our job as an originator. We must bring in new business. We must ensure that our current business is taken care of and closes smoothly. We must update ourselves on all current program guidelines, legal issues affecting our industry and financial/tax issues that are related to the housing market.
Oh, and of course we must also be building new relationships, maintaining our existing ones, and scouting new opportunities and marketing methods.

I just got tired writing all of this!

Yes, this is a lot to do. Some of us are better sales people but weak on the other technical aspects. Others are great technicians but are lacking on the sales end.
Regardless of which side you fall on you must be bringing in new business if you want to stay in business. I realize how simplistic that last statement is. However, there is an important question you should be asking yourself each and every day.

Ready? I'm only asking because I want to make sure this really sinks in. It's that important. In fact, I would encourage you to write this one down and tape it to your monitor.

What did I do today to generate new business today?

Regardless of what's happening in the market, your personal life, your business life or other issues you must always be marketing. Now I know what you are about to say, "But I don't have the time!"
Here's how I know that you do have the time. Let's pretend that you have just received a call from a past client. This is a couple that used you for their first home purchase. They have refinanced with you several times. They are so happy with you that they have sent you numerous referrals since they closed their loan.
During the call they tell you that they have just inherited a large sum of money and want to finally purchase their dream home. They put the home under contract at $2.5 million and want to borrow $1.5 through you.
You already know that their credit is perfect and that their combined incomes will qualify them for this loan. They have not asked you about rates or points. You have been assured they will be using you for this transaction. So let me ask you an important question: What will keep you from going to this appointment?

Now of course I know your answer was nothing short of death (heaven forbid) or illness would stop you from going to this $1.5 million loan application. Not a loan blowing up at closing, not three messages you need to return, not that post on Facebook or LinkedIn you want to read. Nothing will stop you!

That's the same way you must view your marketing initiatives. I constantly tell my coaching members and clients I consult with that they must schedule these appointments in their planners. At least once a week for at least one hour (best if twice a week for two hours at a time) you must schedule an appointment with yourself to work on your business.

We all spend time juggling and working in our origination business. The true key to success is working on our business as well.

Brian Sacks is the president of Loan Officer Tips and Agents Chase You. He has taught thousands of loan officers over the past 30 years how to "Close More Loans- Make More Money and Still Have Time to Enjoy Life." You can view his Free Report at www.AgentsChaseYou.com  He is also the founder of the Loan Officer Tips group in LinkedIn.