It’s always good to be read, and one way of knowing if you are is if you get emails in reaction to your columns. I often don’t mind if the writer thinks I was mistaken, I just appreciate the fact that he/she has read me. So by all means do reply!

A couple of things in the mailbag recently responded to different blogs. One was on my first encounter with the War of 1812 and the mortgage industry. It was a light-hearted reference but I got a letter saying that mortgage issues really did have to bear on the matter!

Here’s the link, sent by writer Christopher Maloney:


There's a lot more link between mortgages and the War of 1812 than people know!

The second was from a great old-line mortgage banker, Ron McCord, a former chairman of the Mortgage Bankers Association. Here is Ron’s gracious note:

Congratulations on celebrating 30 years serving the mortgage industry! It seems like yesterday when I began counting on National Thrift News in the late ’70s to provide me with informative news and data to help me run my company. You, Paul and Lew have been a gift to our industry and I thank you!!

As I begin my 40th year in this mortgage business in January, I know I can count on National Mortgage News to help me be successful!

My Best to you and your team!!!


Ron McCord

First Mortgage Co.

Oklahoma City