Slideshow EllieCares: An Industry Vendor Seeks to Help Good Causes

  • June 17 2013, 11:05am EDT

Building a Habitat Home

On June 7, a large group of volunteers from Ellie Mae undertook a Habitat for Humanity project.

Everyone Pitches In

Sig Anderman and James Vlahos help with the building process.

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Filling a Tall Order

Jonathan Corr helps build walls so tall that some workers need to a ladder to do some of the work on them.

Planning Ahead

Jason Han and Vicki Ng coordinate a strategy needed for their part of the construction process.

Carrying on with the Work

Philip Mathew, Jamal Ahmad, Namrata Jain and Lee Ann Linck lift building materials needed for the project.

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Taking a Break from Building

LeeAnn Linck and Matt Lavay get a respite from the work.