Austin Kilgore

Editor in Chief

National Mortgage News

Austin Kilgore is the editor in chief of National Mortgage News and the SourceMedia Mortgage Group, which includes NMN, Origination News, Mortgage Servicing News and Mortgage Technology.

Kilgore writes articles for online and print, works both in front of and behind the camera to produce Web videos and other multimedia content and edits the work of staff journalists and contributors. He is also an active social media participant, engaging his audience across both personal and publication-branded Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

He is a regular contributor to American Banker and other SourceMedia publications and has previously served as managing editor of the company's PaymentsSource.com.

Kilgore's served as an editor, reporter and photographer at numerous newspapers, magazines and online publications covering technology, financial services, real estate and public affairs. He is a Texas native and a graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas.


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