Brian Collins

Brian Collins

Brian Collins is a senior editor at National Mortgage News.

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The Rural Housing Service has quietly launched a new construction loan program designed to increase the availability of new homes in rural areas.
The Federal Housing Administration issued a proposal Tuesday that would make it easier for lenders to secure government guarantees for condominium loans.
Fannie Mae employees will be working this weekend to update the agency's automated underwriting machine to process trended data for the first time.
It may take several years, but the Rural Housing Service is on a path to modernize its single-family program and give lenders more responsibility for approving and closing loans.
A top CFPB official said that lenders have adjusted their business models and practices to comply with new rules, while MBA CEO David Stevens called on the Federal Housing Administration to clarify its underwriting standards.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development is taking a harder look at how mortgage lenders treat borrowers with limited English language skills.
Kentucky district court judge rules that the courts cannot interfere with the GSE regulator's wind down of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Home purchase lending hit its highest point since 2007 as low interest rates and growing consumer confidence continue to support the housing market.
Though the Federal Housing Finance Agency has yet to provide full details about its new refinancing program to be launched next year, some analysts and industry observers are already convinced it will have only a limited impact.
A surge in new and existing home sales is prompting lenders to increase their payrolls.
The National Association of Realtors is urging policymakers to implement reforms meant to qualify more condominium buyers for Federal Housing Administration loans.
A long-running dispute between the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the agency's Office of Inspector General over down payment assistance programs is beginning to have an impact on lenders.
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