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Brian Collins

Brian Collins is a senior editor at National Mortgage News.

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Republican lawmakers are citing a recent report that delinquencies rose for loans guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration as a reason to delay a premium cut, but economists suggest the uptick is related to seasonal issues.
The Chicago Federal Home Loan Bank experienced a significant jump in mortgage originations in 2016 due to a "re-introduction" of its traditional Mortgage Partnership Finance loan product.
Freddie Mac is ramping up its use of credit risk transfers, completing $215 billion in single-family transfers last year, up to $600 billion since 2013.
Freddie Mac's net income increased to $4.8 billion in the fourth quarter, more than double what it earned a quarter earlier, the government-sponsored enterprise announced Thursday.
While lenders support the intent of a proposal to encourage the growth of private flood insurance, they claim a regulatory proposal doesn't give lenders enough flexibility and remains too complicated.
Year-end adjustments to mortgage industry employment statistics revealed a larger-than-expected increase in hiring by nondepository lenders and brokers during 2016.
A federal appeals court ruling has opened the door for litigants to challenge a 2012 decision by the U.S. government to sweep all of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's profits into the coffers of the Treasury Department.
A federal appeals court ruled Monday that the Treasury Department will have to hand over more documents to investors of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac related to its profit sweep of the two government-sponsored enterprises.
The Federal Housing Finance Agency is seeking a significant amount of information from lenders that specialize in making chattel loans to manufactured homebuyers due to a lack of reliable data on the market.
The Senate Banking Committee voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve the nomination of Ben Carson as the next Housing and Urban Development secretary.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Friday that the reduction in mortgage insurance premiums "has been suspended indefinitely."
And the next HUD chief might eventually rescind it altogether.
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