Brian Collins

Brian Collins

Brian Collins is a senior editor at National Mortgage News.

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A Federal Housing Finance Agency rule that will force some members of the Federal Home Loan Bank System out next year is likely to have a material effect on several of the cooperative institutions.
The Inspector General of the Department of Housing and Urban Development has found a new ally in his fight to reform the down payment assistance programs run by HUD and state and local housing finance agencies.
Independent mortgage banking and brokerage firms added a whopping 5,900 full-time employees to their payrolls in June, according to a report issued Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Settlements related to court fights over private-label mortgage-backed securities are significantly boosting the bottom lines at a few Federal Home Loan banks.
President Obama has signed a housing reform bill that will open the door for welfare recipients to use federal rent vouchers to purchase manufactured homes and become homeowners.
Benefiting from higher loan guarantee income and lower derivative losses, Freddie Mac said Tuesday it had made $993 million in the second quarter, a dramatic reversal from its $354 million loss a quarter earlier.
Home sales rose to their highest level since the financial crisis last week. While that's a good sign, full recovery is going to take a long time. Here's why.
Fannie Mae is making its housing counseling requirements more flexible so additional borrowers can qualify for its low down payment, affordable loan program called HomeReady.
Despite fears that increased compliance costs from new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rules could drive community lenders out of the mortgage business, a watchdog report found that smaller companies remain active.
Federal regulators warned mortgage servicers Monday that they will still expect them to offer loan modifications to distressed homeowners even after the Home Affordable Modification Program expires at yearend.
Multifamily family construction is reaching the point where some markets can't absorb the new supply of units.
HUD reverses course and decides to investigate findings by the Inspector General that some DPA programs don't comply with FHA rules.
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