Fiserv Lending rebrands following sale to Warburg Pincus

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Fiserv Lending Solutions' rebrand to Sagent Lending Technologies reflects the company's focus on a more efficient process for mortgage and consumer lenders.

The move comes after Fiserv agreed to sell a majority stake of its mortgage and consumer loan origination and servicing business to private-equity firm Warburg Pincus in February.

The rebrand highlights Sagent’s commitment to helping lenders “grow wisely” with scalable, configurable and compliant tools at a time when the industry continues making strides with technology, according to the company.

“With a refreshed brand identity that highlights our differentiated approach and a dedication to our clients, we are positioned to grow and take on any challenge,” said Sagent CEO Bret Leech in a press release.

“Both lender needs and borrower expectations are evolving rapidly so we are investing in our technology to keep our clients several steps ahead of their competition. Sagent Lending Technologies delivers innovative ways to make the lending experience better for everyone, with solutions that cater to our clients’ unique business needs. Sagent is there to help our clients deliver on their brand promises,” he continued.

The name Sagent combines the concepts of two words: sage and agent. Sage represents the three decades of experience in supporting lender growth and its associates’ expertise, and agent reflects the entity’s goal to act as an agent of change within the lending industry, according to the company.

The sage leaf logo signifies growth and new opportunity, with each half of the leaf demonstrating the seamless joining together of the company and its clients, according to Sagent. The company tagline is now “grow wisely.”

In addition to providing mortgage and consumer loan servicing tools, Sagent also offers automotive lending origination and servicing technology and process tools.

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