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Quicken Loans' commercial during the Super Bowl sparked an intense discussion on whether the idea of touching a screen to obtain a mortgage was really the best way to encourage homeownership.
BY Tana Tymesen
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's indirect response to Quicken Loans' Super Bowl 50 commercial implicitly warns consumers to be wary of technology, which points to a bigger problem: does the CFPB even know what it wants from the mortgage industry?
Funding needed to construct houses is fairly plentiful, but homebuilders are still having trouble lining up financing to purchase and develop land. As a result, buildable lots are in short supply — and far more expensive.  more »
The nonbank mortgage sector ended 2015 with 12,300 more full-time employees than in December 2014.  more »
The Fannie Mae Home Purchase Sentiment Index fell 1.7 points to 81.5 in January, reflecting the effects of decreasing housing affordability.  more »
Flint's next financial blow could be a sharp decline in property values and eventually tax revenues because of lead-poisoned water.  more »
Producer Profile
Loan officers from the Top Producers rankings share some of their best career anecdotes and advice behind their success in the mortgage industry.
The deadline to submit an application for the 2016 Top Producers Survey is Monday, February 1.
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