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BY Kate Berry
Many institutional investors are refusing to purchase mortgages loans until they get assurance from the CFPB that they won't have to pay for others' mistakes. Their pullback could further the slow the issuance of private-label mortgage bonds this year, a huge concern at a time when the majority of home loans are insured by Fannie, Freddie and the FHA.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's indirect response to Quicken Loans' Super Bowl 50 commercial implicitly warns consumers to be wary of technology, which points to a bigger problem: does the CFPB even know what it wants from the mortgage industry?  more »
Ted Tozer, president of the Government National Mortgage Agency wants more hands to monitor the growing number of nonbank MBS issuers.  more »
Foreclosures nationwide continued to decrease in December, according to CoreLogic.  more »
U.S. Bancorp agreed to pay $10 million while Banco Santander settled for $3.4 million following missteps in how they handled earlier orders from regulators to fix faulty foreclosure practices, according to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.  more »
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Loan officers from the Top Producers rankings share some of their best career anecdotes and advice behind their success in the mortgage industry.
The deadline to submit an application for the 2016 Top Producers Survey is Monday, February 1.
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