"There is a tremendous difference" between the costs of foreclosing in judicial and non-judicial states, says Sanjeev Dahiwadkar.
The recent housing recovery has been the saving grace for some 2005-2007 subprime mortgage bonds, but in others, delays in getting distressed properties to market have offset home price gains.

Ask the Experts is an educational, interview-style video series hosted by National Mortgage News that features an engaging Q&A series with mortgage industry experts. This series, sponsored by Nationwide Title Clearing, addresses key questions regarding compliance to latest regulations, mitigating risk through use of specific types of property reports and research, controls to help monitor and prevent downstream deficiencies, and more.

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If it wasn't a malicious attack, what else could have overwhelmed the mortgage loan origination software vendor's servers at a time when originations are in the doldrums?
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The popular belief may be that manufacturing risk is no longer a concern with the current mortgage manufacturing process, which is assumed to generate substantially less manufacturing risk. Is the industry really seeing a reduction in risk?  READ MORE »
Ginnie Mae has halted the transfer of mortgage servicing rights from Bank of America to a nonbank servicer because of missing documents. The agency is asking the top servicers for an inventory of loans with missing documents.
Lenders and Realtors are hailing a new law that delays flood insurance premium increases, but unless the government takes actuarially prudent measures, rising sea levels could cost taxpayers dearly.
Done right, the mini-correspondent channel is a legitimate way to create mortgage servicing rights, but the annals of the mortgage industry are filled with solid ideas that went terribly wrong.
Some nonmortgage technologists think lenders are behind the times when it comes to reaching consumers, and they can help.
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